Legal structures and tax systems for self-employed workers and companies (online course)

Thanks to the different lessons, you will learn the key concepts to make it easy for you to set up a business. You will also learn the tax and legal obligations that apply to your business. The course will be structured in four modules with different objectives. In the first module you will learn about what the Social Security department and Tax Office do. In the second, you will learn about entrepreneurs or self-employed professionals, how they set up in business, and what their fiscal and legal obligations are. In the third module we will look at the system of an SCP (Private Unlimited Company) the different types, how they are set up, and what their advantages and disadvantages are. In the fourth module, you will learn about limited companies and their different types, how they are constituted and their advantages and disadvantages. There will be videos and articles to work on each of the points. We will combine the theoretical side with examples and activities that will help you to consider and put into practice the concepts you have learned. At the end of the last module, you will find a self-assessment test to review and consolidate the contents. You can also download the content of the course.
Orientat a:

The objective of this course is that you learn the basic concepts about companies and self-employed people: about Social Security, the Tax Office, what taxes we are obliged to pay, etc. It will also teach you the most common legal forms to become a company and decide which one best suits your business.


The course is divided into four modules:

1. Basic concepts

What is Social Security?
What is the Tax Office and what are the most common taxes?
Key concepts: The basics

2. The individual entrepreneur or self-employed professional

What does it mean to be an individual entrepreneur or self-employed professional?
Taxation of individual entrepreneurs or self-employed professionals
Social Security of individual entrepreneurs or self-employed professionals
Key concepts: Individual entrepreneurs or self-employed professionals

3. Private Unlimited Company (SCP)

What is a private unlimited company?
Types of private unlimited companies, their taxation and setting-up process
Key concepts: Private Unlimited Company

4. The Limited Company

What is a limited or limited liability company? Advantages and disadvantages
Taxation, accounting and legal obligations of limited companies
Legal requirements for associates or administrators
Process of setting up a limited company
Key concepts: The Limited company

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