Are you an SME and want to innovate but don’t know how? Do you want to be inspired, trained and updated to be able to innovate in your company?

At Barcelona Activa we believe that innovation is everyone’s business, and that it is possible to do if you have the right resources and a good strategy.

That is why we work with the mission of promoting business innovation as a source of economic competitiveness and generation of quality employment, to help companies in our city have more tools to innovate and be able to do so with greater impact to position themselves in the market.


Innodiàlegs Cycle


Training for SMEs of tools and strategies to innovate. Experts in business innovation give periodical masterclasses.


Services and projects

Prototyping service

Support, guidance and accompaniment services to deal with prototyping processes in a strategic and agile manner.

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Service for conceptualising and improving product and service usability, whether physical or digital.

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Barcelona Deep Tech Node

Pre-acceleration service that accompanies entrepreneurial projects with high technological impact.

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Programmes to innovate

Innovation Data


Barcelona, fourth most innovative city in Europe (font: Índex Nature Science City, 2020)


Barcelona, sixth city with the most innovative activity and presence of start-ups in Europe (font: MWCapital, 2019)


Barcelona, fourth most attractive city for foreign investment in R&D in the world (font: Global Cities Investment Monitor, KPMG, 2019)


At Barcelona Activa we work for the business fabric and innovative culture growth and to make them become a reality and an engine for economic and social change. They have already innovated, and you, what are you waiting for?