Barcelona Deeptech Fund

The Barcelona City Council, through Barcelona Activa, will invest 10 million euros in national or international private venture capital entities, to boost the Deep Tech ecosystem of the city within the framework of the Barcelona Green Deal.

The selected venture capital entities will be required to invest in startups in the Barcelona area, operating in the DeepTech field, which comprises the development and use of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, the internet of things, massive data processing technologies, cloud computing, blockchain, natural language processing, cybersecurity, biometrics and digital identity and green algorithms, or deep learning, among others.

Venture capital entities, apart from complying with the conditions described in the terms and conditions of the call, will have to have a letter of reference from an actor of the local ecosystem -Universities, Research Centers, Technology Centers, etc.- to apply for municipal conversion. In this sense, the Deep Tech Barcelona Fund aims to become a tool for international promotion and positioning for the local ecosystem and for the public and private actors that promote it.

After the successful launch of the "Barcelona Accelera" Fund in 2021, also endowed with 10 million euros, with this new Fund the Barcelona City Council wants to strengthen its commitment to the diversification of the productive fabric, the promotion of the Digital Economy, the promotion of technological entrepreneurship and innovation, and public-private collaboration.

See all the details in the  Barcelona Deeptech Fund Terms and Conditions.


How to participate

The interested venture capital entities will have to fill in the Expression of Interest with the annexes and register it in the Electronic Registry of the City Council with the following application form. To speed up the processing of the Expressions of Interest, please send the documentation, along with the receipt of the Electronic Registry of the City Hall,

For further information, please contact us through

Submission period until December 31, 2023.