The Camí de la Solidesa is a programme to support and strengthen Social and Solidarity Economy organisations that are either managed and led by women or that want to train women workers in positions of responsibility. 


Underway – 7th Edition

Through this programme, we help organisations by placing the emphasis on supporting organisations from an integral approach to tackle the current context by influencing the strategy and improving the management and processes, incorporating the gender perspective in a cross-cutting manner.

In the meantime, a specific strengthening project is developed, which may be related to the creation of a strategic plan, the development of a new line of activity, the improvement of tools or skills, or a change of legal form, for example.

Since the beginning of the programme, we have assisted 87 SSE organisations in consolidating and strengthening their business.    

The seventh edition started in May 2022, has 16 participating initiatives and is being implemented by Tandem Social SCCL.


The Programme

The Camí de la Solidesa programme was created to strengthen and consolidate the companies and entities of the Social and Solidarity Economy in Barcelona.

It supports SSE initiatives led or managed by women who want to improve their management and organisation, as well as SSE organisations that want to train women in positions of leadership. 

These are the figures for the programme since it began: 

  • 6 editions
  • 87 organisations  
  • Over 200 women

You can read the testimonies of all the editions HERE. (Catalan version)

Through this programme, we help organisations to confront the current context through strategy and improving management and processes, all from a global and integrating perspective that places people at the centre. This is how it is done:

  • Training you through a programme that adapts to your needs (up to 27 hours, on Tuesdays from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.).
  • Sharing experiences, best practices and spaces with other women from SSE initiatives (up to 12 hours).
  • Identifying, prioritising and finding solutions to the specific challenges of your initiative with the help of expert consultants (up to 12 hours).

The training programme includes compulsory and optional modules and workshops:

  • Basic areas for the sustainability of Social and Solidarity Economy organisations such as strategic planning and the viability model, marketing and communication strategies and techniques, economic and financial management and planning, and operational management.
  • Development of managerial and leadership skills such as decision-making and conflict management, people management, or the organisation and distribution of work.


As an added value, the participants in the programme are eligible for the awards for the best reinforcement project in terms of environmental, social and good governance impact, and in terms of collaborative or networking initiatives. The winning project of the 6th edition was Equal Saree (Catalan site). In second place was Les Mercedes (Catalan site), followed by Integral (Catalan site) and, and COL·LAB received a special mention.

You can also watch this video (Catalan version) of the testimonies by the winners of the fourth edition of the competition, the association 9 món (Catalan site).


Once the programme has finished, you will be able to continue to receive support from Barcelona Activa’s specialised SSE advisory service. Both specific points for improvement and more general aspects of strategic reflection can be addressed.


We will keep updating the website. You can also consult the information dossier (Catalan version) and resolve any queries by sending an email to or calling 933 20 34 04.  



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Dossier Informatiu 8a Edició

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