Advice to companies, the self-employed, retail and SSE organizations

Support in diagnosing and defining improvement actions in different areas of business management

We support the consolidation and growth of small businesses, the self-employed, retail and Social and Solidarity Economy organisations, taking into account their specific needs

Advice on management and business strategy

This service offers guidance and support in the improvement of the business activity, either in specific aspects of business management (commercial, economic, financial, human resources, logistics, etc.), or because they are interested in more general business processes.

  • Companies and the self-employed

    Guidance and support in improving the activity of companies and the self-employed.

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  • Retail

    Specialised advice for local establishments through the "Comerç a punt" (Retail Ready) programme.

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  • Social and Solidarity Economy companies and entities

    Advice for companies and entities with a positive social and environmental impact, working with participatory values.

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Advice for digitalitzation

This service allows the degree of digitalisation of companies and small businesses to be improved in terms of online presence, online marketing and sales, and management processes.

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Advice for equality and the organization of time

This service includes personalised advice and training activities to incorporate measures aimed at preventing any type of employment discrimination between men and women and for a healthier, more egalitarian and efficient organisation of time.

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Advice on innovation

This service offers strategic advice and support for small businesses that wish to innovate, seek out new opportunities or integrate creativity techniques. Businesses can also request a service in designing and facilitating 'meetings with impact'.

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